Skywalk GmbH & Co. KG Rolls Out X-GLOO Product Introduction in Spain

Magrada Proyectos takes over the sales of X-GLOO Event Tents on the Iberian peninsula.

With Magrada Proyectos, Skywalk has gained a competent partner for the sale of its flexible lightweight tent system and expands its dealer network in Southern Europe. Shortly after starting with X-GLOO, Magrada Proyectos was able to win over the Spanish telephone corporation Telefónica with the concept of the innovative event tent: the communication agency QUUM Communication set up an extraordinary tent landscape for Telefónica during their Móvil Forum Conference for sponsors, partners and developers in Valladolid. QUUM created 3 individual areas with 6 tents: a reception area for ca. 400 participants and an interactive technical zone as well as a trendy lounge-zone for the AAA-sponsors of Telefónica.

„The X-GLOO impresses with extraordinary design and clever functionality – a combination that our clients appreciate “, says Matias Gravenhorst, General Manager of Magrada Proyectos. „ With regard to promotional effectivity, the premium tent is a terrific eye-Catcher and fulfills many of the specifications of our marketing clients thanks to a large color spectrum and endless branding options. QUUM and Telefónica were hunting for something special and was immediately taken by the X-GLOO System.“

The X-GLOO is available in sizes 4x4m, 5x5m and 6x6m and can printed with pictures or logos on the Roof, Canopy, Canopy Banner, Tubes or Side Walls per sewn application, digital- or screen printing. This means no creative boundaries for your clients! This makes the  X-GLOO an attention-getting promotional tool or tradeshow stand of an entirely new kind.

The X-GLOO impresses as well through simple setup: the lightweight tent can be inflated with air in just 10 minutes and stands securely on any surface, whether asphalt, sand, water or snow. The aerodynamically formed event tent can be used indoors and outdoors: the robust ripstop cloth is waterproof, offers UV-protection and fulfills the CPAI-84/B1-fire protection norms. This chic allrounder stands up to windspeeds of up to 60 km/h when optimally stabilised. Thanks to the light nylon material, the 6x6 X-GLOO weighs barely 30 kilo and can be easily transported in the Multifunction Transport Bag or Trolley by 1 person.

The igloo-like structure of the X-GLOO can be closed with Side Walls. These can be easily attached to the basic structure, the so-called Matrix, by means of a zipper. The printable Walls are also available with Windows- or Entrance Wall Elements.

The X-GLOO is available in all standard colors as well as special colors. Accessories like the inflatable X-Relax Stool or lighting solutions complement the chic design of this premium tent. The X-Relax is also available in all colors and can be personalised according to the CI-guidelines of any corporation.

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Our inflatable Event-Tent X-GLOO is inflatable, weatherproof and handy, can be setup by one person in 10 minutes and are the ideal event partner thanks to the individually designable promotional surfaces.: